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Organic fabric suppliers in Europe

Find organic fabric suppliers in Europe!

Organic fabric samples


Are you looking for organic fabric suppliers in Europe?

Slow Innovation Brands works with fair trade fashion manufacturing partners and organic fabric suppliers in Europe.

We offer certified organic fabrics with low and zero MOQ's. Students attending our online brand incubation and sustainable fashion entrepreneurship program get free samples and a 10% discount on the purchase of any sustainable fabric sold in our online store.

Discover some of the organic fabrics from European suppliers offered in our store.


Organic cotton

 Cotton is a natural fiber known for its soft touch and for being absorbent. It is hypoallergenic, being one of the materials that the fewer cause allergies. Ideal to be used in baby clothes or underwear. It is also perfect for t-shirts and comfy pants.

It can also be mixed with any other type of fiber, giving rise to new types of knits, which we call mixed organic fabric suppliers in Europe. 
Examples of these materials are cotton mixed with hemp, Tencel, polyester, etc.

Samples of organic fabric suppliers in Europe!

 Order an organic cotton sample kit or a sample box to view and touch this diversity of organic cotton fabrics blends.


Cupro fabric

 It is popularly known as the "cottonseed". In the past cupro used to be wasted in production. But now farms and têxtile makers discovered a new function to it in the sustainable fashion industry. 

 Cupro fabric is a soft and cool material. It is a good substitute for viscose. It is 100% recyclable. Among the characteristics are the fact that it is breathable, has an anti-static, anti-allergic, biological effect, providing a high level of comfort.

Samples of organic fabric suppliers in Europe!

Slow Innovation Brands also offers organic fabric sample kits made with Cupro. Order samples here.

Hemp fabric

Hemp fabric originates from the stem of the Cannabis plant. Knits made of hemp usually present a rustic appearance, with great solidity. They are resistant, durable and absorbent. Offers extra protection against ultraviolet rays. It is a thermodynamic organic fabric. It allows clothes to provide a feeling of freshness in summer and warmth in winter.

Hemp also mixes easily with other fibers, giving rise to mixed organic fabrics that we also offer in our store.

Samples of organic fabric suppliers in Europe!

Order samples of hemp-based fabrics here.


Linen fabric

The linen provides a smooth and cold touch. It is perfect for making comfortable blouses and pants. However, linen presents two major problems. Firstly, its cultivation, as well as its production, has a high cost, which makes the price of this organic fabric more expensive. Another problem is that it has little solidity when washing, which makes it shrink very easily with each wash.

To face this problem, the organic fabric suppliers have mixed linen with other fibers, such as cotton and viscose, which gives rise to new organic fabrics.

Samples of organic fabric suppliers in Europe!

At Slow Innovation Brands, we offer a wide range of 100% or mixed linen knitwear offers. Order samples here.


How to choose the organic knits best suited to your sustainable fashion collection?

This article was prepared based on the class of Professor Mônica Gonçalves in the scope of the classes of The Slow Fashion Innovation Program to help you to find organic fabric suppliers in Europe!

The supply of organic fabric suppliers in Europe is vast. In this article, we covered only the most common organic fabrics: cotton fabric, cupro fabric, hemp fabric, and linen fabric. But there are still many other types of sustainable and eco-friendly fabrics that you can use when developing your sustainable fashion collection.

In order to develop a circular design and durable products, however, it is important to know, in addition to the composition of each sustainable fabric, their behavioral characteristics during effective use, such as their resistance to washing. Before producing a collection, you need to analyze how much a particular fabric fades or shrinks according to the washes. To analyze these issues there are several quality tests that you can apply to fabric samples yourself before producing large-scale collections.

If you are looking for technical knowledge on how to develop a sustainable fashion collection and find organic fabric suppliers in Europe;If you want to learn more about circular design, fair trade production and slow fashion sales, join Slow Innovation Brands' Online Sustainable Fashion Entrepreneurship Program. Click here to get more info and apply!


Samples of organic fabric suppliers in Europe!

Do you want to order samples of organic fabric suppliers in Europe and get ion touch with Slow Innovation Brands Suppliers? We offer an entire page in our web store dedicated to the sale of sustainable fabric, including fabrics and samples of organic fibers. Among our offer, you will find organic cotton, cupro fabric, hemp fabric, linen and much more.  

Do you still have doubts about organic fabric suppliers in Europe!? Send us an email to and we will be happy to assist you in the development of your sustainable fashion brand.

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