Hackthon: The Slow Fashion Innovation Program - Slow Innovation Brands
Hackthon: The Slow Fashion Innovation Program - Slow Innovation Brands
Hackthon: The Slow Fashion Innovation Program - Slow Innovation Brands
Hackthon: The Slow Fashion Innovation Program - Slow Innovation Brands
Hackthon: The Slow Fashion Innovation Program - Slow Innovation Brands

Hackthon: The Slow Fashion Innovation Program

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More action, less talk!

Send us an e-mail to slowfashion.innovation@gmail.com to get the detailed program!


In this Hackathon you are going to:

- Receive individualized mentoring from fashion business experts;
- Develop your business plan and sustainable production (3 pillars);
- Have exclusive access to the e-book developed by Slow Innovation Brands on sustainable fashion production which includes a list of suppliers of sustainable materials and manufacturing partners;
- Learn how to assemble a technical sheet for the sustainable manufacture of clothes, shoes, and accessories;
- Develop your sustainable production strategy;
- Develop your marketing plan;
- Elaborate your sales plan;


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Creating a sustainable fashion collection is not easy. It is necessary to create something that meets the real needs not only of the market but of society.

It is necessary to offer fair prices, to make the rate of return higher than the costs of production. To build sustainable production plans from the environmental, economic and social point of view.

We need to find the right partners to help in the execution of these plans. We need to find suppliers, designers, seamstresses or factories for manufacturing in scale. Once the product is developed, it must be put on the market.

It is necessary to build an eco-marketing and eco-branding plan that informs our consumers about the processes of creation and development. We need to build content for social networks. It is necessary to participate in fairs, exhibitions. Offer products in physical stores and online marketplaces.

It is so much to think and do that sometimes the work seems to be endless. In the first week, we are full of motivation while the second discouragement knocks on the door. We begin to procrastinate and slowly give up. But what if we could do all this in two days?

On a weekend, we will work side by side with you to: create your brand concept, create your eco-marketing plan, draw up your sustainable production plan, access the list of suppliers of organic fabrics, talk to seamstresses and designers who will be delivering, budgets to create your patterns and prototypes, design your sales plan and scalability.

Alone or as a team, you will receive expert mentoring. You will receive exclusive study materials with tutorials and homework assignments. 

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What is included? 

  • Participation in workshops with speakers from business, eco-marketing and eco-branding, accounting, finance, intellectual property, and others.
  • Support for the preparation of your business plan that will include: sustainable production plan (environmental, economic and social), marketing plan and creation of content for social networks, financial plan, sales plan, and scalability. 
  • Assistance for the formation of multidisciplinary teams among the participants of the event;
  • 3 private mentoring meetings to evaluate and correct your business plans and sustainable production.
  • Possibility to meet with designers, suppliers, and manufacturers to receive instant quotes to design your production and financial plan;
  • Possibility of displaying your work and products, with space for networking and personal promotion;

  • Possibility of placing your products for sale in the marketplace Slow Innovation Brands (after analyzing their suitability to our sustainable production requirements);
  • Access to home study materials which includes: e-book, video lessons, and tutorials, contact list of new suppliers of sustainable raw material in Europe, fairs, physical stores and online where you can expose and sell your collections;
  • Special discounts on activities promoted by our partners such as courses in sewing and design, construction of shoes and bags, natural dyeing, SEO and E-commerce, and others.


Where and when?

18th and 19th of May. Saturday and Sunday. 9 am to 9 pm. The event will be held in Lisbon in at Bworking Spaces, located in Saldanha. 

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How much?

150 Euro for registrations made until May 15th.

For last minute registrations, the value of the ticket will be 200 Euro  (if there are still vacancies).

Full program: 

Send us an e-mail to slowfashion.innovation@gmail.com to ask the full program.

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Ana Patrícia Sousa, Muza's Founder:  "Hello Slow Fashion Innovation... I really recommend this course! I learned a lot during the course. All themes were very important and always with the perspective of awareness and sustainability in fashion...Thank you so much!"

Maria Neves, EME's Founder: I'm really happy to attend the "Slow Fashion Innovation Program". My knowledge increased a lot during the program and I always felt a great support to develop projects in the slow fashion area. Thank you so much!

Tay Carvalho: “What our students say about us: Thank you Community in Law for all the support throughout the Slow Fashion Innovation Program, really interesting program to know more about the sustainability in fashion and to change the way fashion is perceived, I’ll take what I learned for the rest of my life  xx”

Julia: “an Amazing community with many things happening here!! I am very happy to be part of the teaching staff for The Sow Fashion project and I am so inspired by other speakers, amazing student projects and a lot of valuable practical things happening out there. cooperation with businesses and higher education, investors, practitioners is what makes this community special. loved the topics in intellectual property, social media marketing, and other great speakers! thanks to the great team or organizing, I really hope and believe Community in Law will fly rocket high and bring a lot of value to its participants!”

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