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Sustainable Fashion Production


Hello there, here you can find the options of services and learning programs at Slow Innovation Brands. If you like our help to choose each on suits your needs better, please fill our survey for new potential clients and we will get back soon as possible. 


Option 1: The Slow Fashion Innovation Program + sustainable fabric sourcing + manufacturer sourcing: 

The program is divided into 10 steps. It includes recorded online classes on topics such as market research, fabric sourcing, product development, manufacturing, business and finance, digital marketing, and sales.

In addition to the classes, the program includes online mentoring, as each step involves completing some tasks of creating your business and financial plan and developing the first collection.

We will help you with the sustainable materials and manufacturer's sourcing. We will introduce you to our partners: designers, patterns makers, and manufacturers helping you with the negotiations about prices, lead times, MQO's to choose the most advantageous deals.

For example, the costs with patterns can be zero when you choose styles that already exist (standards) or can be 50/80/100/300/500 Euro when you decide to design a totally new style (it will depend on the design itself and how complex it is).

In this program, we also introduce you to online and physical retailers, influencers of your niche, and other brands with who you can establish partnerships for photo shotting and other marketing campaigns.  

For more info: tati@slowinnovationbrandscom

For reviews from our alumni, you can check our Facebook page here

To check some of the brands from our alumni you can visit some of the following IG accounts (their website are on the bios). 

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The Path Line


Option 2: The Slow Fashion Innovation Program + sustainable fabric sourcing + manufacturer sourcing + prototyping 

In additional to the Option 1 you get here the development of a 5 styles collection. Includedes labor and fabric sourcing services. 


Option 3: Eco-marketing and sales strategy:

 This is a new program that we are launching. In this program, you will have access to the eco-marketing and sales steps from The Slow Fashion Innovation Program.

This is perfect for early-stage startups. Sustainable Fashion Brands already in the market who are struggling to promote and sell their products.

This program is free to all current students from The Slow Fashion Innovation Program. For former students, we charge 100 Euro +3% commission for 6 months on the sales that you do through your website and the retailers that we recommend.

For external participants, we offer the launching promo price of 200 Euro + 3% commission for 6 months. In this program, we will help you to refine your marketing research and your business model, introduce you to online and physical retailers, influencers, and bloggers of your niche.

We will also introduce you to other brands with who you can establish partnerships for photo shotting and other marketing campaigns. We will also do a usability and SEO review from your website and social networks to get better conversion rates.

To join this program we need to evaluate the brand first. So the first step is to fill this survey


Option 4: Pattern Making only (pattern making and sales sample/prototyping)

 We ask you to send us a technical sheet before starting to avoid misunderstandings. If you don't have a technical sheet we can discuss that, if you use our designs you don't need one, if you want to do something totally new then we need it. 

Option 5: We also offer a sustainable fabric sourcing service for the cost of 120 Euro (this service is included without extra costs on the price on the options 1 and 2).

Option 6: For production, we will provide recommendations and contacts of manufacturers partners after the development of the pattern by you or by us. To provide budgets for production we need at least a technical sheet. 


For quantities, less than 10 the production is not made by factories, but by individuals seamstress. From a minimum production of 100 pieces with at least 20 pieces per style, we work with a partner who offers a leftover program.

Send us an e-mail to for more budgets for production and more info.



We also offer other services focused on sustainable fashion brands like setting up fashion e-commerce platforms on Shopify or Wordpress, content marketing strategy, social media management, and offline and online sales strategy and partnerships. The price of these services depends on the specification of each project and how many hours of work it will take from us. Usually, a simple e-commerce website has a cost of 500 Euros (special price for The Slow Fashion Innovation Program students. For external participants price for webshop starts from 600 Euros). 

f you have any question please ask us!