Handmade choker. - Slow Innovation Brands
Handmade choker. - Slow Innovation Brands

Handmade choker.

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This accessory was made by one person who loves fashion, but can't work because of a muscular atrophy disease. Handmade in Portugal.

It is made for necks with 32cm to 34cm of the perimeter.

What types of materials were used to make this product? Recycled fabric and stones in the glass.

What countries and cities do the brand deliver this product to? Worldwide shipping. The shipping cost is paid by the client.

How long it is necessary for you to receive your product at home? 1-2 week for delivery.

What is the story of this product? What was the inspiration? Why you should buy it? This product is inspired by a tribal concept. Hand made by a person with a muscular atrophy disease. The profit from this product will be reversed to support this person.