Tailormade Jeans - Slow Innovation Brands
Tailormade Jeans - Slow Innovation Brands
Tailormade Jeans - Slow Innovation Brands

Tailormade Jeans

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BLCV was founded in 2002 in Riga, Latvia by designer Ilya Bulychev.

TAILORMADE JEANS made of finest Italian recycled denim in our atelier in Riga, by a professional tailor, 80% of all operations made by one master. For custom and MTM orders, we use hand cutting. All the jeans have 2 guarantees.

Where this product was made? Jeans are produced in Riga, Latvia, in our atelier/production. To produce one pair, we need a cutting master, tailor and finishing master.

Specification of the product: 600 grams, 100% organic recycled cotton made in Italy, branded buttons.

Types of materials used to make this product: Recycled denim made from organic cotton in the greenest mill of Italy, Candiani S.p.A.

We create all the patterns by ourselves, then when the cut is perfect, we accept the sample and fix the pattern. After it is accepted, we cut small batches of jeans and produce them in our technologies. We use only specific professional sewing machines for heavy fabrics, to keep high quality and our standards.

What countries and cities do the designer deliver this product to? They deliver our products worldwide, in Russia we can send them with home fitting options.

In case of made by order, how long it is necessary to receive your product at home? It is 3-4 weeks for made to order production and 4-5 weeks for MTM or Custom made production. Customer must give us jeans that fit him well sizes, like the waistband, hips, leg widest part, knee, ankles, inseam, and outseam, as also body measures like waist, hips and leg widest part. 

What is the story of this product? Ilya Bulychev created jeans more than 15 years, it is my passion, and I like to make people happy with my product, and when our jeans became most loved jeans pair in wardrobe, We made the jeans with a perfect fit, and body corrections.