That Red Sweater - Slow Innovation Brands
That Red Sweater - Slow Innovation Brands
That Red Sweater - Slow Innovation Brands

That Red Sweater

Regular price €320,00

Description of the product:

- super-oversized fit - dropped shoulder - extra long wide sleeves - vertical knitted braid for the right silhouette - soft touch and natural breathing yarns Only top quality yarn had been selected for creation of this item. Other colors and types of yarn can be requested for a customized order. Availability of yarn may vary - to be reconfirmed with each order.

❤️ CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Delicate Handwash only at 30C max. No bleaching. Delicate laundry detergents recommended. (for wool, silk, cashmere, hand-wash) No tumble dry. Do not squeeze after washing. Lay flat to dry. Delicate Dry Cleaning for wool items is allowed. 

Types of materials used to make this product:

Natural highest quality yarns, time and love.

How this product was built and whether it is made by hand or through industrial production.

Handmade in limited edition.

What countries and cities do the supplier deliver this product to?

Worldwide shipping.

How long it is necessary for the customer to receive your product at home?

If not in stock, production may take up to 1 week.

Is necessary to take the measurements of the customers before making the product?

We would need your dimensions of boost and hips and your height for a better sizing; you can also send the preferable length of the sweater (from neckline until the end of the sweater at the back), as well as sleeve length (from shoulder until the end of the sleeve).