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Wire sculpture handmade and unique creation from Portugal based artisans

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What is the story of this product? Why the artisan created it? What was their inspiration and why do they think you would like to buy it?

Serafiniando is a brand created by mother and daughter. Made with materials almost entirely reused and is a will to reflect all the care and respect with the handmade products, they are tangible poems that speak about the feminine as a life source.

Where this product was produced? How many people were engaged in this production?

The products are made in Lisbon and one person is engaged in the production.

Specification of the product:

The products measures are between 40 cm and 20 cm. They are handmade.

What types of materials were used to make this product?

Wire reused and wood

How this product was built? Is it made by hand or through industrial production?

All the products are handmade and unique. Patricia the artist makes one by one with all the care and love possible.

What countries and cities do the artist deliver this product to?

The artist delivery to Portugal. For other countries, you should send an e-mail to inquire. 

How long it is necessary for the customer to receive the product at home?

Our products are handmade and made by order and it takes 7 to 10 days to the customer receive our products at their home

Is it necessary to take the measurements of the customers before making the product?

We don't need any information.